March 14, 2013

Google Reader shutting down

Now that Google Reader has announced they’re shutting down on July 1st 2013, there are a number of companies putting their hands up saying they can be a replacement for you. Even Digg has announced they’re starting to build a new Google Reader alternative. I’ve tried a number of the hosted “alternatives”, but none of them let me feel in control like Google Reader does. I don’t know who finds a use in the magazine style feed readers, but I don’t. Dave Winer doesn’t like the mailbox approach of Google Reader whereas that’s it’s best featureĀ for me. I’ve tried Fever, the self-hosted feed reader, but it’s not for me – it takes away too much control.

I want to see a list of feeds, grouped in categories. I want to see how many unread items there are. I want to see the item titles either per feed or per category – I don’t want the article to show by default (I want to skim the titles for something interesting). I want to have a copy of all the articles archived so I can find them again later. I want to search the full content. I want to drag and drop the feeds to move them between categories. I want to add a URL like and have the app find the feed(s) for me. I don’t want to “share” articles from the app, I don’t want it to be social – it’s about me and some websites I’m interested in reading every now and then, if I want to share a link, I’ll open the article in the original site and copy/paste the link.

I’m not sure I trust these companies to do this for me, and i’m not sure I want to put my feed reading in the hands of someone else again – it needs to be self-hosted (surely most people who read feeds like this are techy anyway). I’d be more than happy to pay for it if it was good.

Do I wait and see what the others come up with over the next couple of months, or do I make Feedify (hehe – unfortunately the domain is taken so can’t join the ranks of Bugify and Inspectify).